The Many Styles And Materials Of Cufflinks

There are many different designs of cufflinks, and we are not just talking about the patterns here, but also the way that they fix your cuffs together. Many pairs today are in three parts: the face, which is the part that the world sees, the post which goes through the cuff holes, and the toggle at the other end of the post which switches through 90° and locks the cufflink into place.

So far, so good, but there are different styles of fixing too. Probably the most common is the bullet back which is where the toggle is in the shape of a bullet, but there is also the whale back where the toggle looks like the tail of a whale.

Then you have chain link cufflinks which are two separate pieces of the same design, linked together by a short chain. There is also a more modern design which are dual action cufflinks where the toggle and the face both swivel on the post.

Not All Have Toggles

But not all cufflinks have toggles. Some designer cufflinks are fixed, such as the ball return cufflinks. These have the face fixed to the post which is slightly curved and has a ball at the inside end which pushes through the cuff and holds in place. Then there are also stud cufflinks which may have a design on both the face and the other end which is the same size as the face. These are fitted in much the same way that you would button a shirt, by twisting the inside end through the holes in the cuffs.

There are also silk knot cufflinks which are made of silk, as you might guess, and are knotted on both ends. These, too, are more difficult to put on, but can look very classy, depending upon the colour that you choose. They are also extremely cheap, but they won’t last all that long, and they are not really appropriate for black tie events.

Cufflinks can also be made from a number of different metals. Stainless steel is one choice, as is titanium, but they do not appeal to some men, because they are very bland.

Designer cufflinks come in copper, bronze, platinum, sterling silver, and gold, and you can also get cufflinks that are made of metal alloy. Believe it or not, you can buy cufflinks made of wood and leather. Cufflinks can also feature precious and semi-precious stones, mother of pearl, and even enamel and glass.