Heraldic Cufflinks By Wimbledon Cufflink Company 

Outstanding And Historic Cufflinks

At Wimbledon Cufflink Company we produce a range of heraldic cufflinks that depict part of our national heritage. For instance, our heraldic cufflinks include the English Lion which dates back to the 12th century and is based on much earlier use of animal symbolism going back to the days of the Vikings. The English Lion was used as a symbol of a person’s status in society, as the lion is a bold and brave creature known as the King of the Beasts. It has no enemies other than man and is feared by all other animals as it will tackle those much larger than itself. Wearing these on your cuffs is an emblem of your importance. 

Among our heraldic cufflinks is the Three Lions in gold on a red background. The Three Lions motif was first adopted in the late 12th century by the Plantagenets as their coat of arms, and went on to be used by Richard the Lionheart, Henry V, and Queen Elizabeth 1st. Today, of course, the Three Lions symbol is used on the football pitch to demonstrate superiority and courage. 

Our heraldic cufflinks also include the Wimbledon Eagle, the eagle being the standard carried by Caesar’s legions when they invaded in 55BC. It is said that Caesar occupied Wimbledon Common, and the emblem is now used by Wimbledon Football Club. Other heraldic cufflinks include the Royal Oak in gold on a dark green background which is named after King Charles II who hid in an oak tree from Oliver Cromwell’s Roundheads after being defeated at the Battle of Worcester on September 3rd 1651.


We also produce the English Rose cufflink, the Crown in gold on a red ground, and more. Take a look through our range of heraldic cufflinks and you are bound to find something that defines your personality.