Cufflinks Can Be Found In A Wide Range Of Materials

If you are a man who wishes to be recognised as someone of importance, then you will no doubt wear a suit to work, and of course, along with that goes a double cuffed shirt with cufflinks.

There is no doubt that cufflinks “maketh the man”. If you don’t believe that, just take a look at our members of parliament when they are in the House of Commons. You will see that many of them are wearing smart suits and shirts with cufflinks. (As an aside, here is something that you never knew: it is illegal to enter the House of Commons wearing a suit of armour! A Statute dating from 1313 forbids it). But a smart suit, shirt, tie, and cufflinks, yes.

The simple fact is that there are still many men who wear cufflinks as a matter of course. You only have to search for “men’s cufflinks” on Google and up come 90,700,000 results! There are thousands upon thousands of designs of cufflinks and the prices range from around £10 to some thousands for gold or platinum cufflinks with precious stones set in them.

The designs of men’s cufflinks can vary enormously as well, from the very smart, to the loud and brash, to the discreet, to the out and out ridiculous such as a skull design.

Cufflinks can come in a variety of different materials, too. If you like a neutral grey kind of tone, then you could opt for stainless steel, platinum, titanium, or silver, all of which fall outside the colour wheel. Copper cufflinks have a lovely red warm tone, and they look less formal than gold. Pure copper will also develop a patina over time which gives it a vintage appearance which may, or may not, appeal to you depending upon your tastes. Bronze is another choice and is still warm-coloured although with less of a red tone than copper.

Metal alloy cufflinks are usually polished to look like silver or stainless steel but can also feature a gold-like finish. The abundance of the materials and their mass-production make metal alloy cufflinks highly affordable.

Then There Is Gold

Then of course, there are gold cufflinks which are of a yellowish tone and can make a big statement. They are ideal for an important business meeting such as your annual general meeting when you want to impress your shareholders, for weddings, for a dinner party, and more.

 However, cufflinks don’t have to be made of metal. They can be silk knot cufflinks which have an identical knot on each side and come in a wide range of colours. Hawes & Curtis of Jermyn Street sell these, but if you are thinking that they are expensive because of the vendor, think again. They are offering silk knot cufflinks online for just £5.00 a pair or three pairs for £12.00! Obviously, being made of that kind of material they don’t last very well, but at that price it doesn’t matter.

At Wimbledon Cufflink Company we produce cufflinks in gold and silver finishes which is what we find that many of our customers want, and we also have a sterling silver pair for formal occasions. Our Heritage range of cufflinks is exceedingly popular and enables you to take pride in the country of your birth. So, for example, in England we have the English Oak and the Three Lions.

If you are Welsh, you might choose our Welsh Dragon Cufflinks. We designed the Welsh Dragon Cufflinks because the dragon was the battle standard of King Arthur, and in 1953 it became a Royal Badge and was added to the arms of Cardiff, the capital of Wales. We also have the Scottish Lion, the Shamrock, and several more designs that celebrate our unique British heritage.