The Top 5 Statement Cufflinks To Gift This Christmas

Yes, we know! It seems as though this year has gone so fast. Even so, you wouldn’t think that we are heading for Christmas just yet, but the fact is that we are. Already, there are Christmas cards in the shops and adverts on the television showing Santa with elves and reindeer!

So, it is also time to start to think about the Christmas presents for the men in your life – if you are female – or your best mates if you are not. And what more novel idea than a pair of cufflinks to go with the smart suits and shirts that they wear so often? OK, yes, there are some men who can’t be bothered to dress properly, but those who are going to get ahead in their careers know better.

Buying a man a pair of cufflinks has several advantages. Not the least of these is that cufflinks, such as the wide range of designs that we produce at Wimbledon Cufflink Company, are not an expensive gift. Far from it, even though we have designed many of the best cufflinks in the UK. They are also very easy to wrap, as they come in a lovely small box, so that’s another benefit if you are looking at spending half a day wrapping presents for family and friends!

Our Top 5 Statement Cufflinks

So, what are our top 5 statement cufflinks to gift this Christmas? Well, there is a large range from which to select, but here are some suggestions for you.

Christmas is a time for lots of dinner parties, and more. As many of these are black tie occasions, you might consider our Formal 925 Sterling Silver Cufflinks. These go absolutely perfectly with the bow tie and dinner jacket that probably come out more times at Christmas than any other time of year.

If that special man has anything to do with the sea – in the Royal Navy, Merchant Navy, and so on – he will love our Ships Anchor Gold Cufflinks with the anchor in gold on a black background. Or how about the Sextant Cufflinks with the design of the sextant in silver on a bright blue background?

Is he a football fan? It’s probably a silly question, because who isn’t? So, our Three English Lions Cufflinks would be very acceptable, showing, as they do, the Lions in gold on a red background.

Another very popular choice is our English Lion Cufflinks. These display the Royal Oak in gold. This is for the oak tree in which Charles II hid after the Battle of Worcester in 1651 when he was escaping from the Roundheads who were looking for him. A great nod to the heritage of every proud Englishman.