What Do I Give To Someone I Love?

Choosing a birthday present for someone – even someone who you know very well – can sometimes be extremely difficult. Quite obviously, you will want to buy them a gift that they will love, yet at the same time you are sitting there with a blank expression on your face because you have simply run out of ideas. 

One answer, of course, is to give up, and ask them what they would like. The trouble with that is that they may turn around and say something like “Oh, I don’t know. You think of something!”  - which doesn’t really get you anywhere.

Unless you are extremely wealthy, you also won’t want to spend a small fortune, even if he is the most perfect man in your life. But if he has a good job and dresses smartly, rather than having to wear “working clothes” such as a builder or an electrician for example, then at Wimbledon Cufflink Company we have the ideal answer: a pair of cufflinks for men in the UK!

This hits all the right spots. A pair of our cufflinks doesn’t cost a fortune and it is an excellent choice because you can select something which will “connect” with that splendid man. (A side benefit is that they come in a small box which you can wrap in about a minute!).

So Many Options

The fact is that when you choose a pair of cufflinks as a present, we give you so many options. If your man is a proud (Englishman, Scotsman, Welshman, Irishman – take your pick) then why not browse through our Heritage range of cufflinks? These are some of the most popular designs that we produce, and there is a lot of choice. For instance, for the English we have the English Oak, depicting the oak tree in which King Charles hid from the Roundheads (that’s Charles II, by the way, not our present king!) after the Battle of Worcester back in 1651.

There is the Three Lions if he is a football fan, or perhaps the British Bulldog. Or how about St George and the Dragon? We have a new design which is the Irish Harp. Or maybe the Scottish Lion. What about the Welsh Dragon in gold on a glorious red background?

Take a while to browse through our selection, and you will find the perfect answer to the problem of what to buy for the man in your life.