Would You Like A FREE Pair Of Cufflinks To Give To Your Partner?

If you are considering treating yourself to a new pair of cufflinks, or you are looking for a birthday present for the man in your life, then now is the perfect time. At Wimbledon Cufflink Company, we have a special offer on at this moment where you can get two pairs for the price of one!

Yes, you buy one pair of cufflinks at the usual price and then you can choose a second pair completely free of charge! As you can imagine, this fantastic offer will not be around for long, so you need to grab your free pair while you can. It’s not every day that you can get a pair of cufflinks for nothing! That includes all of our designer cufflinks including our gold-plated cufflinks in the UK.

Circuit Board Design

If you are buying a pair of cufflinks as a present for a man who is involved in technical things, then he would love a pair of our Circuit Board design. Circuit boards are all around us, in things such as microwave ovens, TVs, laptops, and even the mobile phone that you use. What is fascinating is that, 30 years ago, all of the equipment that carries out the many different functions of your mobile would have taken up a complete floor of your office building! Yes, and it’s now in the palm of your hand. Our Circuit Board cufflinks depict the board in gold and green, a lovely combination of colours that will go with many different types of attire. 

Another of our gold-plated cufflinks in the UK that would appeal is the DNA Double Helix pattern. DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) is found in humans and nearly all living creatures and is located in the nucleus of a cell where it forms chromosomes. DNA has two strands which twist into a spiral shape. We show the spiral in gold on a light blue background.

If you choose one of those two designer cufflinks as your present, then why not pick up the Love Bird cufflinks as your free pair? It is the perfect gift for someone you love, and shows two love birds on a pair of gold cufflinks. These birds live in the depths of the forests in Madagascar and are so-called because they choose a companion of the opposite sex and stay with them for life. What better way to demonstrate your love?