You Need To Look Smart When You Go To The Office

Why wear cufflinks? Well, the fact is that you don’t have to. You can buy plenty of shirts with a single cuff that do up with a button. Simple. If you go into the men’s department at Marks & Spencer, for example, they have around 100 different shirts in some really nice patterns, all with button-up cuffs. They can be great to wear for a day out at the zoo or the beach, or on holiday somewhere abroad.

However, if you want to look smart then that is a whole different ball game. You need a shirt with French double cuffs, and in order to do those up you are going to have to use a pair of cufflinks. And there are a lot of occasions that you want to look smart, and we are not just talking about a wedding or an evening at the theatre in the West End of London. No, if you have a grain of sense, you want to look smart on a lot of other occasions, too, particularly when you go into work in the office in the morning.

Sure, when you go to work you can wear a patterned shirt from M&S like a lot of the other guys do. But the whole point is that you want to stand out – well, at least you do if you want to get on in your career and gain promotion. So, you need a smart suit, suitable tie, and double cuff shirt with cufflinks.

Endless Designs

Now there are absolutely endless designs of cufflinks on the market, some costing as little as five or ten quid, but to look smart you don’t want something that looks cheap, nor do you want any of those so-called comedy cufflinks that you can see everywhere.

At Wimbledon Cufflink Company, we produce cufflinks in original designs that are created to add an air of elegance and taste to a man’s appearance. Silver cufflinks, for example. Our heritage range of cufflinks is extremely popular, and rightly so, demonstrating your pride in your birth right. And a lot of those patterns are silver as you will see if you scroll through our gallery.

So, our British Heritage range includes the Scottish Lion, the Celtic Shield, St George & The Dragon, The English Lion, The British Bulldog, and one of our latest designs – which is perfect if you work in the police – The Thin Blue Line. Take a look and find the right pair of silver cufflinks for you.