A New Design: The Irish Harp Cufflinks

Today, we are well and truly into the 21st century, and to some extent it has become a time when many people want their lives to be as easy as possible.

For example, we all have mobiles, so getting in touch with family and friends is easy. You can do it from anywhere at any time. You don’t have to go home in order to make a phone call and have a chat. You can message each other online. You can chat away on Facebook. It’s all easy.

This has extended into the way people dress as well. Jeans and a T-shirt are the order of the day for many people because you don’t have to press the jeans, as you do with the trousers of a suit, and you can just chuck a T-shirt in the washing machine. Easy.

But there are still men who stand out for one reason or another - and quite a lot of them, actually! Think CEOs, our King, the Prince of Wales, your MP, and many, many more. They take the trouble to dress to look smart, which is one of the reasons that they stand out from the crowd.

You won’t, for example, see your MP in the House of Commons in a T-shirt and jeans! No, he will be wearing a smart suit with double cuff shirt and a sharp design of cufflinks to top it all off.

Our Heritage Range

Many men of this calibre buy their cufflinks from us at Wimbledon Cufflink Company because of the splendid designs that we have at very reasonable prices. A lot of men choose their cufflinks from our Heritage range which celebrates the country of your birth.

We have many different designs for the four countries of the UK such as the Welsh Dragon, St. George and the Dragon, the Scottish Shield, the Shamrock, and so on.

In fact, we have just produced a new design for our Irish cufflinks range which is the Irish Harp. The harp goes back 600 years in Irish history, and in mythology represented the power of the sovereign. The harp is used on Irish passports among other things. 

So, if you are Irish, or need to buy a present for someone who is, what could be a better fit than our Irish Harp cufflinks? In a stunning gold on a black background, it is the perfect choice for a man to celebrate his ancestry.