Gifts For Men During Christmas

You thought summer has only just gone? Well yes, those hot days are not so far away. But here’s a scary thought: we are heading towards Christmas at full speed, and there is a lot to do. Presents to buy and wrap. Christmas cards to send. Who are you going to invite for Christmas dinner? What size turkey will you need? There is a lot of planning to do.

At Wimbledon Cufflink Company, we can’t help you with sending Christmas cards, nor tell you who to invite for dinner, but we most certainly can help you with gifts for men during Christmas. After all, what smartly-dressed man wouldn’t like a super new pair of cufflinks – and maybe more than one pair?

There is another advantage. Small and beautiful as they are, a pair of cufflinks doesn’t need a lot of paper to wrap, coming as they do in their own little box. And the postage is very little too!

Some of our most popular cufflinks for men in the UK are in our British Heritage range. If your friend is “in” to football – and who isn’t? – he would love to have the Three English Lions, the symbol of our national team. Another great choice, for those who love our monarchy, would be the Oak gold cufflink which depicts the oak tree in which Charles II hid from the Roundheads after the Battle of Worcester way back in 1651.

The English Rose

If the man in your life is a Yorkshireman or Lancastrian, then he will love the English Rose, also known as the Tudor Rose, which Henry VIII adopted to symbolise peace between the two former warring counties. We also have the English Lion in silver on blue background.

Another really stunning pair of cufflinks is our Formal 925 Sterling Silver cufflink. A very smart and discreet design that is perfect for wearing to formal dinner parties, the theatre for an evening out, and for any other formal occasions. Not only that, but they are on special offer at the moment!

Many men love our Griffin cufflinks in gold and blue. A mythical creature, it goes back thousands of years and is associated with the Holy Grail and the Tree of Life. It is also regarded as a symbol of integrity.

For the Welsh, we have the Welsh Dragon in gold and red, and then there’s the Shamrock for the Irish.

If the man for whom you are buying cufflinks is in the navy or just loves the sea, take a look at these two. We have the Sextant, which was first used for navigation back in the 1700s, and the Ships Anchor in a stunning gold on black background. Perfect for any ocean-going man.