Have You Checked Out Our New Golden Lion Cufflinks?

Oh yes, we are getting some great compliments for these. We are always on the lookout for new ideas for cufflinks because they are a small work of art, and as creatives we love to think up new ideas. In exactly the same way that a writer never stops writing and an artist never stops painting, we are always designing new cufflinks for our customers.

Furthermore, we often reject a design if it doesn’t immediately strike a chord with other team members. We only go into production with the best of the best, so that when you opt to buy a pair of our cufflinks you can be comfortable in the knowledge that they will dazzle your family and friends.

The Golden Lion Cufflinks will do just that. Since the King of Beasts has a coat that is described as yellow-gold we have chosen that colour to depict the face of the lion head on as you look at him. (This may not be as you would see him in the wild, because you would probably be running away!). But if you are safe in a truck, you might just be lucky enough to get up close to see this stunning creature. Our design shows the lion on a bright blue background, much as the sky often is out in the wild. Incidentally, according to Wikipedia, “lion” is the actual name for the colour and was first used as far back as 1551.

Courage, Power, And Nobility

The lion is a symbol of courage, power, and nobility. It is not called the King of Beasts for nothing, as it is respected and even feared by other animals. It can accelerate in bursts of speed up to 50 mph which is why it can catch its’ prey so easily. An adult male can weigh up to about 420lbs. It is likely that there were hundreds of thousands of these beasts in Africa all those years ago, but today it is estimated that there are only about 20,000 in the wild.

When you buy a pair of Golden Lion Cufflinks, it demonstrates you as a man of power. You are someone to be respected and certainly not to be messed with. The colours that we have chosen will go very well with a dark charcoal or light grey suit, and because of the gold will also enhance a brown suit as well.

Buy a pair of Golden Lion Cufflinks and show ‘em who’s boss!