The Right Cufflink For The Right Occasion

A man who wants to look smart in the 21st century, and gain the respect of others, will wear a smart suit, shirt with a tie (none of this open neck stuff), a pair of shoes which match the suit (and by that we mean black with grey, blue, or black suits, and brown with brown, not a mix of the two), and a beautiful pair of cufflinks to round it all off.

Now it is true that there are almost limitless numbers and patterns of cufflinks available. Just go online and search for them. But if you are looking for cufflinks for men in the UK, it is important to wear the right cufflinks for the specific occasion. 

For example, there are thousands of so-called novelty cufflinks (which, by the way, we don’t produce at Wimbledon Cufflink Company). So, you can have a pair with the face of a clown on them, Pac-Man, boiled eggs, Coca Cola tins, penguins, JCBs, and many, many more.

Now a pair of these would be perfect for certain occasions. For instance, they could be great for your stag night do or a laid-back New Year’s Eve party, when everyone is up for a laugh. But they are not the sort of thing that you would want to wear when going to the office, or at your wedding!

You Need To Get It Right

You need to get it right. Indeed, this is why the modern man who wants to look the part will have several pairs of cufflinks so that he can wear whatever is appropriate for the occasion. For example, we produce cufflinks in our Heritage range which is one of our most popular series. They demonstrate your pride in your ancestry and the country of your birth.

So, for instance, on April 23rd, which is St George’s day, if you are English, what more appropriate to wear than our St George and the Dragon design? If you are Welsh, then on St David’s day – March 1st – you should be sporting our Welsh Dragon cufflinks.

Scottish? November 30th is St Andrew’s day. Andrew became the patron saint of Scotland in the year 1320 with the signing of the Declaration of Arbroath. Our Scottish Lion silver cufflinks are perfect.

March 17th is St Patrick’s day, so for the Irish among you, the Irish Harp cufflinks would be most suitable. Either those or the Shamrock in gold on blue. We’ve got you covered.