Heritage Cufflinks That Demonstrate Your Pride In Your Nationality

When you choose to wear cufflinks with your suit and tie you are on the right road to impress people and make a certain statement about yourself. In this day and age, just by wearing a suit and tie and cufflinks you will stand out from the crowd, but you want to stand out for all the right reasons, not the wrong ones!

At Wimbledon Cufflink Company we strongly believe in our heritage and our country of birth, and we believe that many other people do as well. For precisely this reason, we produce a range of heritage cufflinks that symbolise your country of birth, whichever of the four in the UK that you belong to. We also have designs for America, Canada, Spain, France, and even the SPQR design if you happen to hail from Rome!

We produce a series of designs for the English, including the Three Lions, the English Rose, the English Lion, and so on. There are cufflinks that celebrate our Royal Family such as the Crown (in gold on red background), and there is the St. George and the Dragon cufflink.

Shamrock Cufflinks For The Irish

For the Irish we have the Shamrock cufflink. This is depicted in white and gold on a blue or green background. The Shamrock is the young sprig of clover that has associations with St Patrick who used it as a metaphor for the Christian trinity, and it is mentioned in early Celtic literature. It was also an emblem of Ireland from the 18th century onwards during the long struggle for independence.

If you hail from north of the border, we have the Scottish Lion for you. This depicts the Scottish Lion Rampant in silver on dark blue, and was on the Royal Banner of Scotland dating back to William 1 in the 12th century.

We haven’t forgotten you if you are Welsh, either. The Welsh Dragon cufflinks show the dragon standing proudly in gold on a red background with the right front paw raised. It was the battle standard of King Arthur, and in 1953 it became a Royal Badge and was added to the arms of Cardiff, the capital of the country. The Welsh Dragon cufflinks symbolise the pride and tradition of the Celts.

Those are just a sample of the range of heritage cufflinks that we produce at Wimbledon Cufflink Company. There are many more.