A Smart Suit, Shirt, And Cufflinks Make You Stand Out From The Crowd

Quite a number of men today take a rather relaxed view of the way that they look, preferring an easy laid-back style of clothing, whether for work or play. Jeans and a T-shirt in summer, and jeans and a shirt with sleeves and a sweater of some sort over the top, or even a hoodie - often advertising a particular manufacturer such as Adidas or Nike free of charge to the manufacturers!

Of course, if you are happy to go to the office dressed like that, do a day’s work, and then commute home day in and day out, that is your prerogative. However, if you are a young man and you want to get on in the world and climb the career ladder, it is an entirely different matter. You need to wear a smart suit, shirt, and preferably a smart tie to go with it. If you really want to stand out, then you need a double cuff shirt and a pair of cufflinks as well.

Myriad Choices

When it comes to the cufflinks, there are myriad choices. Just take a look on Google. While there are many fun and “jokey” cufflinks, for work you need something fairly formal, obviously. But you can use a pair of cufflinks to make a statement about yourself and also, hopefully, catch the eye of the boss. We may have said this before, but if there is a promotion available, all other things being equal, is the boss going to choose the man in the jeans or the smartly dressed one who commands respect?

Of course, you will reach a time when you have found the lady with whom you wish to share the rest of your life, and when it comes to the wedding you need to look the bee’s knees. Very formal attire indeed, and a great pair of cufflinks to go with it.

At Wimbledon Cufflink Company we have a huge choice of different cufflinks that are suitable for your wedding, but we also have another idea. Why not wear personalised wedding cufflinks? Perhaps with your initials and that of the bride intertwined on a heart shaped background? We need a minimum order of 100 cufflinks to personalise them.

Here’s another great idea. Why not let us make you personalised wedding cufflinks so that you can give a pair to all your male family and friends who are coming to your wedding? That would be extra special. Something to remind them of your special day forever. And a really unique gift.