Designer Cufflinks can help you get on in your Career

Many men’s shirts today come with buttons to hold the single cuffs together. Go to somewhere such as Marks & Spencer and you will see that they have shelf after shelf of men’s shirts in all sorts of different patterns and colours, and nearly all of them with button cuffs. However, if you look closely, you will see that they also have some dress shirts that come with double cuffs.

Dress shirts, also known as dinner shirts, are those worn for formal occasions, but are also worn by men who want to look their best when at work. Dressing smartly with a suit, shirt, and appropriate tie, does two things with regard to respect. It first demonstrates that a man has respect for those around him – those with whom he works, customers he sees, or those he serves such as in the case of an MP or doctor.

Secondly, and most importantly, it generates respect for the man himself from others. So, it works both ways. This is why you don’t see company directors at the annual general meeting dressed in T-shirt and jeans, nor do you see them like that in the office. They wouldn’t dream of it.

And if you want to get on in the company that you work for, it behoves you to dress in an appropriate fashion too. This will gain you respect from your managers and those above you and put you at the front of the queue when they are considering someone for promotion.

Now to top off your appearance when you are wearing formal clothing, there is nothing to beat a smart pair of cufflinks to go with your shirt. If you are wearing a double cuff shirt you will have to have cufflinks anyway, but the design that you choose needs to be appropriate. In other words, none of the funny, or funky, cufflinks that you can find with something like “I’d rather be fishing” on them. Or a pair of cufflinks in the design of a skull or an electric scooter or something. That will go down like a lead balloon in the office.

Now at Wimbledon Cufflink Company you can buy designer cufflinks online from our wide choice of different designs and patterns. And they are smart cufflinks that you can wear to the office, to a dinner party, a wedding, and more. If you are an MP, you can wear them in parliament without upsetting the Speaker. 

For example, there is our range of heritage cufflinks that make a statement about the country of your birth and your pride in your forefathers. So, we have cufflinks that celebrate your country whether you are English, Welsh, Scottish, or Irish, and we also have cufflinks that celebrate American, French, Roman, and Moorish heritage as well.

So, if you are English, why not try the Three Lions cufflinks in gold on a red background. This symbol was first adopted by the Plantagenets back in the late 12th century as the Royal coat of arms. It went on to be used as a symbol by Richard the Lionheart (of course), Henry Vth, and Elizabeth 1st. Today, of course, it is the symbol of the English football team and is used as a demonstration of courage, grace, and victory. The Three Lions cufflinks would go down well at very many offices.

Or you might prefer the English Oak. This is in gold on a dark background and is reminiscent of the time that Charles 1st hid from the Roundheads after the battle of Worcester in 1651. Or how about the British Bulldog in silver on a bright blue background which evokes a sense of patriotism. Our bulldog comes as a canine version of Winston Churchill with his Homburg hat, bow tie, and ever-present cigar. 

Where would we be today without jet engines? They connect the world, and we are proud that the jet engine was invented by Frank Whittle in the UK in the 1920’s, and so we celebrate that on a pair of our cufflinks. Or perhaps you would like the Wimbledon Eagle, which we designed as we are so closely associated with it. It is thought that Julius Caesar himself camped on Wimbledon Common when he invaded in 55 BC. The Eagle was the standard carried by his legions, and among other things, today is the emblem of Wimbledon Football Club.