Dress To Impress With Our Designer Cufflinks

There is an old saying that “manners maketh the man” and the earliest reference to this has been found in the works of William Horman, who was headmaster of Eton and then Winchester in the late 15th century. “Manners makyth man” is still the motto of Winchester College and of New College, Oxford, both of which were founded in the 14th century by the Bishop of Winchester, William of Wykeham.

But if manners maketh the man, then so does a smart pair of cufflinks! A man who respects himself and respects others will always dress smartly to impress, and a fine pair of cufflinks in those double cuff shirts are not only practical in holding the cuffs together but can demonstrate the sort of individual that you are.

Cufflinks also go back centuries to the reign of Louis XIV. Prior to that, men used to hold their shirt cuffs together with pieces of string, which, while practical, are not exactly calculated to impress. In the mid-1600’s sleeves began to be held together by bouton de manchettes, or sleeve buttons, which were a set of coloured baubles held together by a short chain. By the early 1700’s these had evolved into studs connected by gold or silver links.

Then in the Industrial Revolution it became possible to manufacture cufflinks on a large-scale basis, so that what had once been something for the wealthy were now available to the common man.

An Endless Choice

Today, the range of cufflinks available is almost endless. If you search for cufflinks on Google, you will come across so many different designs that it is very easy to get confused. There are lots and lots of gimmicky designs which seem to be produced more as a joke than anything else but are not the sort of thing that you would want to wear to the office or to a dinner party.

At Wimbledon Cufflink Company we produce a range of designer cufflinks that are created so that you can express yourself in the way that you wish to. Our designer cufflinks include our very large Heritage range which enables you to show your pride in your nationality. There are many different designs for the four countries of the UK, and we also have designs for the US such as the American Eagle, George Washington, and many more. In addition, we produce Moorish cufflinks, Roman Heritage, French Heritage, and so on. There is bound to be the perfect pair for you.