How To Dress Well During A Wedding

If you are a man and have been invited to a wedding, one of the most difficult things is to decide upon the dress code. A wedding is, after all, a very formal event, right up there with the company’s annual dinner dance, an evening at the theatre in the West End, or a 21st birthday dinner. So, the word “formal” is what you need to keep in mind.

However, there are different interpretations of “formal”. The most formal is white tie. That means that you will literally be wearing a white bow tie, not black. An evening tailcoat and trousers. White shirt. Black patent leather shoes (yes, patent leather!). and cufflinks and studs.

Black tie is only one step down, and means a black tuxedo with black bow tie, a shirt with French cuffs (so you will need cufflinks), a pocket square (white, of course) and waistcoat or cummerbund. Black socks and shoes.

Next step down is a formal suit in a dark colour – black, grey, or dark blue. Then after that you could go down to semi-formal with or without a tie. And there is cocktail, although this is really too low for a wedding.

Too some extent, what you wear at a wedding is what the invitation requires. If you are not sure about anything, the answer is to discuss it with your tailor. Yes, they still exist, and sell quality formal clothing for men for every occasion.

More Tips

Some more tips: if you are going to wear a tie, and it is not white tie or black tie, you don’t want to be seen in outlandish colours and novelty prints. Keep it modest. The shirt should usually be white. Your pocket square can be folded in any way that you wish but make certain it doesn’t look messy. You should also button the middle button of your jacket, (although you can undo it when you sit down), and never the bottom button whatever you do.

As for your cufflinks, well you have a lot of different choices. But once again, remember that it is a formal occasion, so none of those novelty cufflinks which might go down a ball at a birthday party, but definitely not at a wedding.

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