How to Make a Good Suit Great

There’s a lot that contributes to someone’s overall look in a suit. Whether you’re just wearing it to work or are attending a fancy evening event, a suit is more than just the fabric you buy or the brand you shop from. In fact, there are a few key aspects of formal attire that need to come together for it to work.

Fine-Tune the Fit

One of the most (if not the most) important elements of your suit is the fit. If your suit is ill-fitting or out of proportion for your height and body type, it doesn’t really matter how much you’ve spent on it or how nice the fabric is. A good suit is always one that fits the wearer perfectly and by aligning with the shape of their body helps to offer them confidence, comfort and style.

Rather than forcing yourself into something less than perfect, it’s much better to choose a cheaper material and have it altered or even completely tailored for your body. Unfortunately, if someone has gifted you a suit and the jacket shoulders are too narrow, or there’s not enough space in the back, there’s not much you can do.

It is possible to adapt a larger suit to your body with the help of a professional tailor, but it's pretty much impossible to make it significantly bigger or wider.

Choose the Correct Trouser Length

Trousers are another area where a trip to the tailor can make a huge difference. As long as your waist works for you, the length can easily be adjusted. You may even be able to get the legs tapered to offer a slimmer look.

Unlike other types of trousers, the top of your trousers should sit near your actual waist – not your hips. If you’re not doing this with your suits yet, start now. It transforms the casual chino-style look you might be used to into a more traditional and classic suit look.

As for trouser breaks (how far your trousers fall around your ankle), there are a few different options. No break trousers where you can see your socks are becoming more popular today, and if this is your look, then you’ll want to have your suit made to this requirement, or taken up by a tailor.

A full break, where your trouser runs all the way down the leg, is a more traditional approach to trouser lengths. It’s perfectly fine as long as you don’t have folds of excess trouser material bunching up above your laces. There’ll be a perfect trouser length for your preferences, so it’s worth making an adjustment in this department before you consider your suit look “complete”.

Choose the Right Accessories

A good set of accessories can amplify the elegance and style of a good suit, while poorly chosen ones will completely ruin your overall look. Obviously, personal taste and preference play a huge role here, but just make sure you’re not overpowering your suit with anything too garish. Also, carefully consider the way colours complement each other.

For those who love a pair of the welch dragon cufflinks, you can think about adding splashes of green and red to your tie, for example. We understand that ties, pocket squares, socks and cufflinks are the only areas you can really add some bright colours, but just be cautious about going overboard. If you have an amazing suit that fits perfectly, it will undoubtedly speak for itself.

Choose a Strong Shirt Collar

Assuming you know how to choose a shirt that fits properly, you should focus on buying a shirt with a good collar. Again, you might be more comfortable in a relaxed oxford shirt and chino kind of look, but if you’re attending a formal event, it’s worth adding some structure to your shirt collar.

There’s nothing wrong with the button-down format, just make sure that the actual collar is stiff and wide enough to frame your suit nicely.

Understand Jacket and Shirt Etiquette

Wearing a suit properly can make it look and function as amazingly as it is supposed to. Similarly, if you break some of the following etiquette rules, you could make yourself look quite silly in even the best suits.

  • When sitting, unfasten your jacket buttons
  • Keep your cuff buttons fastened at all times
  • Button up all the buttons of your shirt (there may come a time at the end of a wedding when people start to unfasten their ties and roll their serves up, but this is an exception)
  • For two-button jackets, button the top button only
  • For three-button jackets, leave the bottom undone and fasten the middle one

Looking for the Perfect Suit Accessory?

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