If You Don’t Wear Cufflinks, You Are missing Out Big Time

Many men today would not dream of wearing cufflinks because they buy shirts with a single cuff which have a button to fix them. Having said that, if you do wear that type of shirt, then you are missing out big time because when you wear a shirt with double cuffs and cufflinks, the cufflinks that you choose can make a statement about the kind of man that you are.

That means that you can choose a pair of cufflinks to create the impression that you want to create, whatever the occasion. If you want to get on and climb the career ladder, then you should certainly wear a suit with a tie and shirt with cufflinks, and they need to be of a formal design. However, you don’t want to wear the same pair of cufflinks to the office every day.

In fact, if you are a man who chooses cufflinks, then you need several pairs. You will need cufflinks for those formal occasions, which could be gold cufflinks with a smart pattern, cufflinks for less formal events, and you may also want a couple of pairs of novelty cufflinks to make your friends laugh when you go to the pub and watch the football on Saturday afternoon.

A Collection Doesn’t Have To Cost A Fortune

A collection of cufflinks doesn’t have to cost a fortune, after all. You can buy many pairs for as little as a tenner, and some more formal designs for £40 or £50 a pair. Of course, if money is no object, then you can get yourself a flashy pair of gold cufflinks with gemstones set in them. Those can set you back £10,000, and there are some pairs that cost even more. But then they are something of the nature of jewellery as well as being a fixing for your shirt sleeves. You wear them in the same way as a woman would wear a brooch or a pair of earrings.

For the average man, cufflinks at that sort of price are a non-starter, but you can easily build up quite a collection of cufflinks so that you have choices. You can then select a pair of cufflinks that are not just suitable for the occasion, but also convey the impression that you want to convey.

Take a scroll through the many different designs we have at Wimbledon Cufflink Company. We think that you will be impressed.