If You Want To Succeed In Your Career, Dress To Impress

In 2022 you might perhaps think that wearing cufflinks is very out of date and “last century” but in fact you would be quite wrong. Many men still wear cufflinks, and you will find that they are often men at the top of their game.

For instance, you don’t see your MP in parliament wearing jeans and T-shirt. No, he wears a smart suit, shirt, and tie, together with a pair of cufflinks. If you have shares in a company and you go to the AGM, you won’t see the CEO and the board of directors dressed sloppily. They dress smartly. Indeed, they dress to impress.

It has become the fashion in many cases today to dress down. Why? Because it is easier. Everything today is about being easy. Take shopping online, for instance. You order it today and it gets delivered to your home or business tomorrow. In some cases, it may get delivered within a couple of hours.

So Much Easier

It is just so much easier to order something online. You don’t have to get in the car, drive to a shopping centre, find somewhere to park, pay for parking, walk around the shopping centre to find the store you want, then walk around the store looking for what it is you want to buy. Find it. Buy it. Carry it back to the car and drive home again. Everything today is done the lazy way.

Unless, that is, you are a man of importance. In that case you will dress in a suit with shirt and tie and a pair of unique cufflinks. That makes you stand out. Indeed, if you want to get on in your career, you should do the same thing. If everyone else goes to the office in the sort of clothes you would wear for a few drinks down the pub with your mates, but you dress smartly with a pair of unique cufflinks peeping out of your jacket cuffs, you will stand out from the crowd and be noticed by the boss.

Now, when it comes to a promotion, all other things being equal, who do you suppose will get the job? It is not likely to be the guy who is dressed as though he is going to a football match, is it?

So, if you want to get on in the world today, do what the boss does: dress to impress.