Impress Your Date With Wimbledon Cufflinks!

There is nothing quite so exciting as going on that first date with a girl that you have only recently met. Wherever it was – at a party, a day at the races, a company that you had to visit on business, in the pub – there was this gorgeous girl. You got chatting and found you had some things in common. Eventually, you plucked up the courage and asked her for a date.

And she said yes! Wow!

Maybe you are taking her out to dinner, to the theatre, a football match, or another day at the races, but wherever it is that you are going, you need to impress this girl. And that means dressing to look the part.

If you are a snappy dresser, then you will have several suits for different types of occasion, and doubtless several ties and different pairs of cufflinks to go with them. However, if you don’t own several pairs of cufflinks, and for that matter ties, then now is the time to find something suitable for the occasion. A tie and a pair of cufflinks that will impress.


Of course, in days gone by that meant visiting several different department stores and menswear shops and hunting around to find something that is the most suitable. However, today of course, it means going online, and there are plenty of places that sell ties in almost endless patterns so you should easily find something fitting for the date. Whatever else you do, do not go with an open-necked shirt. That is guaranteed to turn her off before you even start!


Huge Choices


As for cufflinks, at Wimbledon Cufflink Company we have a huge range of choices for you. You need something that fits with your suit and shirt and tie, and you need cufflinks which stand out, and yet are not “over the top”. Nothing brash that shouts “look at me!”. Fortunately, we don’t produce brash cufflinks!

Do you, or does your date, have anything to do with the navy, or with ships, or yachts? If so, what about our Ships Anchor gold cufflinks? Or perhaps the Sextant cufflinks. Both are very impressive and a good talking point.

Does she work in the NHS? What about our DNA Double Helix gold cufflinks? But not our new Lovebird cufflinks. Yes, they look super, but it is a bit “early days” for that. 

Then there are all our Heritage cufflinks. So, you can choose a pair that match your ancestry, such as the English Oak, Scottish Lion, Welsh Dragon, or the Shamrock. Spend some time looking through our gallery to find the right pair of cufflinks for that date, and dress to impress!