Innovative Cufflink Company has launched its new website

Wimbledon Cufflink Company, a pioneer in innovative cufflink designs, has launch its new website in January 2020, designed to showcase its range of unique heritage cufflinks. The new website reflects the company’s continuing evolution as a key designer and supplier of wearable design. It is attractive, dynamic, user-friendly and supremely functional.

January 2020

Aspiration is the great driving force of the times we live in, whether this is to live better, look better, or do more for others and yourself. Wimbledon Cufflink Company’s new website will reflect this aspiration, through its cutting-edge, individual, wearable design pieces. At the same time, its message is that this is for everyone, if they care enough about how they present themselves to the world.

“What you wear really does say something about you,” states Chris Ostlund, Director of Wimbledon Cufflink Company, “but it the details that complete the picture, and bring your whole look into sharper focus.”

The company has recently expanded its range of iconic cufflink designs, while maintaining its ethos of bringing together modern design with traditional motifs. It has also broadened its range of products, to include watches, in the same pioneering spirit.

As Chris explains, he felt the time was right to revisit the design of the company’s website. “We feel we’ve created something here that’s truly distinctive, with the cufflinks, and it was important that the website matched their look and feel. After all, it’s our shop window, and the home of our brand.”

Making Designer Shopping Easy

The new Wimbledon Cufflink Company website makes choosing, ordering and purchasing its designer products straightforward.

“We wanted the site to work well, so we’ve kept things simple, but smart. We’ve clearly presented our range of cufflinks and watches, so customers can see all the detail, while the setting itself is all about mood and feel. The idea is that you get a real sense of elegance, but projected in a completely contemporary way.”

Little Things Make Big Things Happen

Chris sees Wimbledon Cufflink Company’s range as adding that crucial extra dimension to someone’s appearance, and as such, he believes that they have a pivotal place in the modern gentleman’s wardrobe.

“Our new tagline is Little Things Make Big Things Happen, because it often is the small details that tell the most about you, and that transform your image. Modern men don’t necessarily want to be strutting peacocks, but they do want something that differentiates them from the rest. That’s what we’re providing through our dynamic new website.”


Wimbledon Cufflink Company offers unique cufflink and watch designs, which draw inspiration from classical, historical and culturally significant images, patterns and emblems. It puts a modern twist on the traditional with high quality, wearable style.