The history behind the Fokker watch

With our prestige Fokker watch, it will take you back in time with its elegantly engraved Fokker DR.I it’s definitely a perfect piece of history.

The plane, with its magnificent cantilever wings, supported by single interplane struts, surprisingly only had ailerons on the upper wings. The aircraft was created by one of the most important entrepreneurs in global aviation history, Anthony Fokker. In this blog, we give you facts about the most famous airplane of WW1 and the man nicknamed ‘The Flying Dutchman.’ 

The Fokker’s rival

Initially, the Fokker DR.1 was built in response to the British Sopwith Triplane, this was seen as a highly dangerous aircraft when flying in combat. Therefore, the German High Command reacted by demanding a triplane was developed.

Anthony Fokker was not the only one fighting for the contract, although it was eventually given to him after the Germans saw the aircraft he had designed before the war.

Design of the aircraft

The DR.1 is alternatively known as the triplane, this is due to it being built with three wings. This gave it an advantage over monoplanes and biplanes as it made it much more manoeuvrable. They could also climb increasingly faster and turn more tightly.

Unfortunately, the design also had its flaws, the three wings created more drag which significantly slowed the aircraft down. In the early stages of construction, some of the plane’s wings would fail midflight ending in catastrophic consequences. 

The Red Baron

The DR.1 was made famous by Manfred Von Richtofen (The Red Baron), earning the nickname because of the colour of plane he flew. By achieving 19 of his last 80 victories in the triplane, it’s easy to see why he remains to this day one of the most widely known fighter pilots of all time. 

Anthony Fokker’s 1st design

Fokker’s first plane was designed and built in 1910, it was called ‘Die Spinne’ (The spider) however, this did not go to plan. Shortly after the plane was constructed his business partner destroyed it by flying into a tree.

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