Unique Cufflink Designs For Men From Wimbledon Cufflink Company

There is no law that says that a man has to wear a shirt with cufflinks. However, if you want to impress, a proper shirt with double cuffs and a smart pair of cufflinks is the way to do it. Preferably coupled with a tie. You can get ties in so many different patterns and colours, and they are an item, like cufflinks, which can make a huge difference to your appearance and the way people assess you. And yet, for a number of men, the tie has gone out of the window, presumably because it is too much trouble to tie it in the morning!

Cufflinks come in an almost unbelievable range of designs. If you search on Google, you will find over 90 million results for “men’s cufflinks”. And you thought that they had gone out of fashion, and it was everybody in jeans and a T-shirt all day and every day? Far from it.

All right, not everyone dresses to please. But most of those who don’t are those who can’t be bothered about the way they look. Unfortunately, that is the way a lot of things are these days: it’s all about things being as easy as possible and – to quote the words of the 1960’s – “Let it all hang out”. Which meant, do whatever you want to do, and don’t worry about what anyone else might think or might want.

Men Who Take Trouble Over Their Appearance Get Noticed

All of which has meant that this has benefits for the man who does take care of himself and is concerned about the way that he looks to others. This is why men who do take trouble over their appearance are those who get noticed. In the course of their careers, this is why they will be the ones who are promoted.

Think about it: if you were the boss (maybe you are), with everything else being equal, who would you promote? The guy who turns up at the office in everyday clothes that look as though they are the same ones he has been wearing for a week or the man who is smartly dressed in a suit and shirt and tie?

The cufflinks are, of course, an added attraction. They add to the sense of a man who is respective of his fellow workers, and therefore takes care about his appearance. Not only that, but you can use cufflinks in so many ways in order to create the impression that you want to create.

This is why so many men love the unique cufflinks that we produce at Wimbledon Cufflink Company. They have been designed with love and care so that you can tell the world who you are and what you stand for.

Some of our most popular sets of cufflinks are those in our Heritage range. These have been designed to underscore your pride in your British heritage, whichever part of the UK you come from. So, we have designs which reflect England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland, and from which you can choose to demonstrate your affection and respect for your homeland and your forebears, and thus impress people who catch sight of them as you go about your day.

We also have unique cufflinks designs for other countries such as America, France, Canada, Spain, and the Roman Empire and Moorish cufflinks as well.

Other designs of our cufflinks include the Rod of Aesculapius. This beautiful symbol of a winged staff and twin snakes in gold on a blue background represents the Greek god Hermes who was a protector of tradesmen and women. It is the same name that is now used by the company that today delivers goods throughout Great Britain to your home with alacrity and with care. Think on that the next time you order something online.