Unique Cufflinks That Can Incorporate Your Own Design

Although typical millennial fashion is of the very laid back “can’t be bothered” variety – think jeans and T-shirts all day, every day – there are still some men who show respect for others by dressing more formally. Interestingly enough, they are usually those in a position of some importance or in the public eye, such as company directors, television newsreaders, senior council officials, MPs, and so on.

These are men who always want to look smart and look their best, and it is one of the reasons that they get on so well in life where others struggle: they are looked up to by other people. Wearing a suit and tie today shows that you are not an ordinary run-of-the-mill individual. And along with that suit and tie is a formal shirt – which doesn’t have to be white: it can be any colour you wish, as long as it complements the suit.

And along with a formal shirt it is obvious that such a man will wear a pair of cufflinks. Here is where that man has a wide choice of that pair of small items which are both functional and decorative, like a small piece of jewellery. Where a woman may wear a brooch, a man can wear cufflinks.

Likewise, where a brooch can be made of virtually any material and be of any design that you can think of, so can that pair of cufflinks.

By and large, men’s cufflinks break down into two parts. There are the formal ones that may have been handed down through several generations, or simply chosen because they are formal, and the man wants to wear them for formal occasions – and that includes the workplace – and then there are the more gimmicky ones that may have been given as a gift or that they have purchased for a bit of fun. They may have a picture of a skull, darts(if he is in a darts team), a fish (if he is an angler), or perhaps inscribed with something such as “I’d rather be down the pub” or “Yes, Miss, I’m RICH” in order to attract the ladies.

There are a lot of different designs of cufflinks available. Try entering “Cufflinks for sale” into Google and you come up with over 43 million returns. The range of designs simply seems to go on forever, with cufflinks like cricket balls, cufflinks with your car logo – such as Alfa Romeo, for instance – cufflinks with a picture of The Laughing Cavalier, and so on. We even saw a pair using the old-fashioned sixpence that was part of the coinage before we went decimal. With those, you can choose your birth year from 1928 – 1967.

Quite where the manufacturer of those cufflinks manages to obtain genuine sixpence coins in good condition is a matter of conjecture, but it seems that they do. The sixpence cufflinks are actually very formal-looking rather than gimmicky and would be perfect to wear to the office or to a dinner party.

At Wimbledon Cufflink Company, we produce cufflinks in a wide range of different themes and designs. One of our most popular selections is the Heritage Cufflinks that we produce, with emblems that recognise your birth country, whether it is England, Scotland, Wales, or Ireland. For instance, we have the good old English Oak, the English Rose, the Scottish Lion, the Shamrock, the Celtic Shield, St George and the Dragon, Three English Lions, the Griffin, the Welsh Dragon, and the British Bulldog, just to name a few. So, you can select a pair of cufflinks that connects with the country of your birth and can take pride in wearing them.

We have many, many more designs of cufflinks besides the Heritage range, but if you want really unique cufflinks, why not design your own and have us manufacture them for you?

You can have cufflinks depicting anything that you wish, with a minimum order of 50 pairs. This is perfect if you own a business, for example, and want all your sales team to wear cufflinks with the company logo on them. You could also use them as giveaways, for instance on your stand at a trade show. There are unlimited possibilities with our personalised cufflinks opportunity.