Why You Should Wear Cufflinks For Business

Cufflinks for men have been around for centuries and they have had their ups and downs as fashion items for adorning the wrists. They go way back to the 13th and 14th centuries, prior to which men used string and belts to fasten their clothes. By the end of the 1600’s men began to realise that the fancy lace cuffs of the day were impractical and began to tie the cuffs with pretty ribbons. This became a status symbol because it was started by noblemen and the wealthy.

Then, eventually, the ribbons were replaced by embellished buttons – which today we call cufflinks – which were more practical and also more decorative than the ribbons. Come the Industrial Revolution from 1760 onwards and cufflinks began to be mass produced so that anyone could have them, although the wealthy still opted for cufflinks of gold which were packed with gemstones.

Then in the 1920’s Coco Chanel designed cufflinks and included them in her collection, and they became all the rage. However, a few years later they went out of fashion until the 1950’s when they became popular once more for men who went to work wearing a smart suit and tie, with cufflinks to go with them.

Along came Mick Jagger with his lavish shirts and they had yet another renaissance, but this only lasted until the arrival of the hippies in the late 1960’s and 1970’s when it became fashionable to look – well - something of a mess in some cases. Then we had Woodstock and colourful shirts became popular, but these had buttons, so they didn’t need cufflinks.

Next came the 1980’s and sure enough cufflinks became fashionable once again, and there they have remained until this day for men who wish to show sartorial elegance and stand out from the crowd. Indeed, if you search for “buy cufflinks online in London” – or anywhere else come to that – you will come across not hundreds but thousands of different designs.

There are cufflinks today that are more than just an accessory. There are very expensive designer cufflinks that are set with precious stones and made of solid 9 carat gold. These are works of art because of the craftmanship and artistry required to design and make them.

But they don’t have to cost a fortune for you to have superb cufflinks that catch the eye and make you stand out. These are ideal for any number of situations when you need to look your best. For instance, at weddings, at any formal events, and especially for business.

So many people today dress casually for work. Some turn up in jeans and T-shirt while many businessmen wear a suit with an open neck shirt which says nothing for how important they feel it is to look the part. On the other hand, when you wear a smart suit with a shirt and tie, and a great pair of cufflinks, it tells people that you have respect for the way that you look and respect for them. In turn, that will generate respect for you, which is what you want when you are in a business meeting. If you are a company director, you drive a smart car, so why wouldn’t you want to look smart yourself? Even if you are not a director, it shows your boss that you have respect for the company. Look at the BBC newsreaders: you don’t see them in casual clothes, because they have respect for their viewers as well.

Not only does a pair of cufflinks make you look good, but in turn it also makes you feel good. And we offer such a huge choice of designs. Just take a look through all the different patterns and designs that we have available at bargain prices. They may look as though they have cost you an arm and a leg, but they haven’t.

Not only that, although we give you a very wide selection of cufflinks, we will also make you cufflinks to your own design. So, for example, you could have cufflinks with your company logo on them which you can give to all your male staff. This helps to show a team spirit when they are meeting your customers. You could even hand them out to customers as well, in order to promote your brand. Click on the Custom Made link at the top of the page to find out more.