Cufflinks Can Be Fixed In A Variety Of Ways

Cufflinks have been around for a very long time. Their job is to link together double shirt cuffs that have no buttons. Years ago, men used to tie their shirt cuffs together with short pieces of string until the cufflink was invented in the early 1600’s.

Today, cufflinks come in a range of different fixings, some of which are hinged and others which have no moving parts. Among the latter are silk knot cufflinks which are made purely of silk which is knotted at each end. These come in a wide choice of colours and can be purchased for less than £5.00 a pair.

Some other types of cufflinks have two “faces” attached by a short chain, but many of them have a single face which goes on the outside of the cuff, and to which is fixed a post with a toggle on the other end. These are very simple to insert in the cuff because you twist the toggle parallel to the post, pop it through both cuffs and then twist the toggle back through 90° to lock it into position.

Toggle Shaped Like A Bullet

Very often, the toggle is in the shape of a bullet, and these are known as bullet back cufflinks. However, the toggle can also be in the shape of the tail of a whale, in which case, as you might guess, they are whale back cufflinks. There are also stud, or button style cufflinks which have a design on both the face and the reverse of the cufflink, but as you can imagine are more difficult to insert into the cuffs. Ball return cufflinks have a fixed post which is curved and has a small ball on the reverse end.

At Wimbledon Cufflink Company our cufflinks are of the toggle design and the toggle is similar to that of the bullet back. As regards the face designs, we have many, a number of which are in our Heritage range. These celebrate your ancestry whether you are from England, Scotland, Wales, or Ireland, and we also have designs for America, Canada, France, Spain, and so on.

So, for instance, if you are Scottish, you will like our Scottish Shield Cufflinks which are in silver with a blue face. The Scottish Shield Cufflinks have the shield in yellow set upon the blue background and displaying the Scottish Lion Rampant in a bold red with his claws and tongue extended. This is the Royal Banner of Scotland and something that any proud Scout would choose to wear.