Dress To Impress With Our Heritage Cufflinks

The way that the British man dresses has changed beyond measure over the last fifty years. Those of us of a certain age will remember that if you worked in an office or were a salesman in a store, or on a sales team that visited customers, or worked in one of many other businesses, you dressed for work in a suit with a tie and smart shoes to go with the suit. (None of this “brown shoes with a dark blue suit” that you might see today, and which simply doesn’t match).

Neither did we go to work in an open necked shirt or, as some do now, jeans a T-shirt. Fair enough, in some jobs such as labouring, working on a dust cart, working as a landscape gardener, and so on, there is no need to wear a suit, and no point anyway: you don’t want to get a good suit dirty doing labour intensive jobs.

But in many jobs where you came into contact with the public, it was a case of dressing to impress. You had to look the part. You had to get across to customers the idea that they should do business with your company: they wouldn’t choose to do business with someone who looked as though they had just woken up after a night on the tiles.

Today, things have changed, to the point where many people dress very casually for business because it’s just easier than buying a suit and dressing smartly.

And this is why those who do dress smartly are looked up to and respected by others. Do you see your MP in parliament dressed in jeans and a sweater? Of course you don’t. He knows that, if you are going to vote for him, he has to win your respect, and one way to do that is to earn it by dressing smartly. Suit, tie, smart shirt with double cuffs, and a smart pair of cufflinks is the answer.

The same thing applies to directors of large businesses. They know that they have to dress smartly if they want their shareholders to respect them and keep them in their multi-million-pound jobs.

And so it is today. If you want to get on in your career and obtain the promotions that you need in order to climb up the salary ladder fast, then you have to win the respect of your managers.

When you are wearing a suit with a shirt with double cuffs and a tie, one of the most simple ways to impress is with your choice of cufflinks. You don’t want to arrive at the office with a pair of novelty cufflinks (such as a pair of elephants, for instance) of which there are thousands available, but instead wearing cufflinks which are smart and have an impact on those you work with, and especially your seniors. Your cufflinks need to convey the impression that you are a force to be reckoned with, and if you choose correctly, they will do so.

This is why, at Wimbledon Cufflink Company, we don’t produce “joke” cufflinks, but rather prefer to produce cufflinks that will make you stand out from the crowd, such as our heritage range. For example, we have our English Royal Oak cufflinks, with an oak tree in gold on a dark green background which immediately tells everyone that you are proud to be English. Smart. Sleek. And not expensive. (If you want to know our Royal Oak cufflinks price, they are just £49 for the pair, so are not going to break the bank!).

And we make many other heritage cufflinks such as the Scottish Lion, Welsh Dragon, Irish Shamrock, and many more besides. So, you can look smart and dress to impress, and it won’t cost you a fortune.