It Can Be A Relief To Take A Step Back From All Of Today’s High Tech

We live in an age of ever-increasing high technology. And it is increasing at lightning speed. Who would have thought, even 25 years ago, that today we would all be carrying around a small computer in our pockets? Yes, it may still be called a mobile phone, and originally that is all it was. But today it is a small computer that can do the most amazing things, with just one of its’ functions to act as a phone.

Self-driving cars? Seriously? Yep.

So, from time to time it is something of a relief to take a step back and remember that there are things that are still essentials in our lives, even though they may seem small and unimportant.

One of those things is cufflinks. Yes, the humble cufflink is still alive and well and doing what it has always done for the last 600 years or more – holding the cuffs of your shirtsleeves together. Bet your mobile phone can’t do that!

Nor can it create designs and patterns for cufflinks. That requires creativity. And that requires a human.


This Is What We Do

This is what we do at Wimbledon Cufflink Company: design and create cufflinks. Sure, we use some high-tech stuff to physically make the cufflinks, but only after we have created the design, and that requires thought and inspiration.

This is how we have come up with our heritage range of cufflinks which are created so that you can display your pride in your heritage and your nationality. And we keep adding to the heritage range all the time.

For example, we have just designed The Irish Harp Cufflinks. The harp has been a symbol of Irish heritage since the 13th century, so much so that it is proudly adorned on Irish passports, representing, as it does, the power of sovereignty.

Wearing The Irish Harp Cufflinks with your clothing tells the world that you are proud to be Irish, and you are proud to be associated with a long tradition of Irish kings and noblemen, still today in the 21st century. It also makes you stand out