The Age Of The Cufflink Is Not Dead

Many people consider that the days of men wearing cufflinks are long past, but in fact nothing could be further from the truth. If you Google “buy cufflinks online” there are over 29,000,000 results, and that wouldn’t be true if gentlemen were no longer buying and wearing them. Indeed, as the magazine Modern Gentleman says: “Style, manners, and taste never go out of fashion”.

Not only that, but if you do search online for cufflinks, many of the retailers selling them will show not just a few dozen designs, but hundreds of them, proving once and for all that the age of the cufflink is by no means dead.

For the true modern gentleman, selecting a suit for the day isn’t just that. It is a small celebration and display of personality, and the choice of shirt and tie that go with it will reflect that and express to the world the type of gentleman that he is – or even the person he would like to be. “Clothes maketh the man”, it is said, and wearing a pair of cufflinks goes above and beyond. The sharp dresser will select everything very carefully in order to create the impression that he wants to give.

Cufflinks come in an almost endless and inexhaustible range of different styles from the quiet and impressive through the purely decorative, via the outlandish, to the outright comical such as the cufflinks in the image of a skull. Furthermore, you can get cufflinks to make a statement about almost anything, such as an emblem of a Land Rover, a tractor, a fish, golf clubs, flowers, a rabbit – you name it, there’s a cufflink design for it somewhere.

Cufflinks demand attention. When you wear a shirt with buttons, the buttons in most cases are there for the purely functional purpose of holding the cuffs together. In most cases they are the same colour as the shirt, as it seems the manufacturers have tried to hide the fact that they are there at all. Cufflinks, on the other hand, stand out and make themselves felt.

Not only that, but when you wear cufflinks, you can use them to convey whatever sort of impression you wish to convey. They can be extremely formal, casual, or even jokey, depending upon the day, where you are going, and even whom you wish to impress. And possibly nothing could be more important than when you are going to work, because cufflinks make you stand out and get you noticed.

We have heard the expression “dress for the job that you want, not the job that you have got” and as you progress in your career nothing could be more important than to stand out from your work colleagues so that you become noticed by senior management. Indeed, studies have been carried out that show that small details such as cufflinks can make people perceive that the wearer is more competent, and therefore better at the job than the next man. Whether or not that is true is not important. What is important is that others perceive it to be.

You have many choices when shopping for cufflinks. For a touch of luxury, why not consider real gemstones? You can get cufflinks with rubies, emeralds, onyx, sapphires, and even diamonds, although diamonds are not going to be cheap.

Then again, you can make a statement about your nationality. Whether you are English, Scottish, Welsh, Irish, American, French, and more, at Wimbledon Cufflink Company we have cufflinks that can show your pride in your heritage. So, for example, in our Heritage selection we have the English Rose cufflinks with the English Rose in gold on a dark blue background. There are other English designs too, such as the Royal Oak, the Three Lions, the Crown, the RAF Jet Engine, and more.

Or you might want the Scottish Lion, the Irish Shamrock, the Celtic Shield, the Welsh Dragon, and so on, depending upon the country of your birth. For those in the US, we have the American Eagle, the American Star, the head of George Washington, the head of the Statue of Liberty, and even the symbol of the NFL in red, white, and blue.

Take a look through all the different designs that we have and select the ones that will tell the world the sort of man that you are.