Why Cufflinks are the Perfect Summer Accessory for Men


The designer cufflink is compact accessory, and it is a powerful one. It all comes down to details. Suddenly, there’s a flash of colour, or a metallic glint on your shirt sleeve. Closer inspection reveals an intriguing symbol, or a fascinating pattern, captured in miniature.

You can accentuate this impact in summer, by pairing selected designer cufflinks with sharp, stylish and even casual outfitting.


How to Wear Cufflinks in Summer

Here’s the thing with cufflinks, cufflinks not just for formal wear, or the office environment.

Contemporary cufflink designs are made to complement the well-dressed gent in a broad range of settings and social situations.

And the summer provides the perfect opportunity to get your cufflinks out. 

Wearing cufflinks casually works well, providing align your clothing with your choice of cufflink design. 

First, you need the right shirt. Cufflinks will work with a broad range of shirts, even including collarless shirts, providing they’ve got the right kind of double cuff.

Where you might exercise caution is in choosing a patterned shirt. Remember, if you’re wearing a statement cufflink, you don’t want the shirt to detract from it.

Consider that the cufflink is adding something to your overall appearance. It is an accessory after all.

You can go for a bold, distinctive, cufflink design, but it should still contribute to the whole look, and not look out of place.

What about the bottom half of your outfit? Contemporary cufflink designs are versatile, which means you can ever carry off wearing jeans with cufflinks.

Otherwise, go for a classic linen pant, or a flat-fronted chino.


Cufflink Styles for Summer

Even when the weather isn’t meeting expectations, what’s stopping you from channelling a sense of sunlit days and warm evenings with your choice of cufflink design?

Our Spanish Moonlight cufflinks evoke that magic time on a sunny evening, when an extended dusk gives way to darkness and the bright lights illuminate the still-warm landscape. It’s a time for eating outdoors, for cocktails on the decking and the enticing smell of food cooked on charcoal.

This bright blue pattern is captured within the diameter of a cufflink, poised to add a dynamic dot of colour to your crisp shirtsleeve on a summer evening.

You’ll find another summer-friendly theme in our Moorish Mystery cufflink design.

This is based on a Spanish tile pattern that itself was influenced by the culture of the Moors. As such, it transmits a vibrancy that is perfectly in-tune with the summer and the sense of long days and lively nights that it brings.

Combining warm and cool shades, and drawing on minaret patterns, these cufflinks add their sense of mystery to your own personal styling.

Of course, summer doesn’t have to evoke Mediterranean culture. Closer to home, The Oak cufflink design perfectly captures the British summer, with its greenery and the village green.

What’s another typical feature of the British summer? Wimbledon, of course. Now, obviously, this year has been different, but as we emerge out of lockdown and start visiting pubs and restaurants again, the Wimbledon Eagle is the perfect symbol of continuity.


Accessorise Your Summer 

Here at Wimbledon Cufflink Company, we’re well aware of how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected how people live and work. But we’ve also seen how resilient people are, despite the impact of lockdown.

As we all start to re-merge, we know we have to be careful, to be mindful of others, and stay alert. But we can still make personal statements through what we choose to wear. In this area of life, we can afford to be less cautious.

Celebrate your summer with designer cufflinks.

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